LPDE is your product development partner, specialised in developing consumer products made in mass production.
I work together in a network of specialists and suppliers to obtain the right disciplines when needed.
Tools used are 3D-CAD, FMEA (tool to identify possible risks), FEM (to optimize products on strength), rapid prototyping and rapid tooling.
The LPDE office is located in the MAAK Haarlem area which is located in theWaarderpolder, Haarlem (Amsterdam area)

Visualization and prototyping

Sourcing (pre-production support)
Patent applications support

Design engineering of products for mass production
Plastics engineering for injection moulding (Solid Works or Creo)
Project management with use of risk mitigation tools (FMEA)
Up-to-date network of manufacturing partners for both prototyping and mass production
Organisation of the product development process


e.g. plastic parts manufacturing, building industry, bicycle industry, automotive industry